The EZ Outlet Cover
Making Life Easier for Everyone

Have you ever struggled to get a plug into a wall outlet, especially in a tight spot such as behind a sofa or a bookcase? The struggle is now over with the EZ Outlet -- a simple outlet cover with a contoured design that makes it easy to guide the plug into the wall outlet – even if you don’t see well or have limited hand mobility.

The contoured design allows you to effortlessly plug in any electrical device, even making it easy to get to those hard-to-reach areas, saving your back from stress or injury.

The EZ Outlet Cover replaces your regular flat outlet plate cover. It’s easy to install, and the only tool you need is a screwdriver.

The EZ Outlet will make life easier for everyone. Seniors, and people with vision impairment, mobility challenges or arthritis, will find the EZ Outlet especially helpful. You will want one for every outlet in your home!

The EZ Outlet is proudly made in the USA and invented by someone with a visual impairment and multiple disabilities.

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