Product Spotlight: Wheelchair Backpacks

Everyone has things that they need or like to take along with them, but the question becomes where to put them. The Rolko Wheelchair Backpack is the perfect solution.

The backpack, with adjustable straps, easily attaches to wheelchairs. It is suitable for various uses and can accommodate bottles and oxygen cylinders. What’s more, a lateral metal eyelet for cables and hoses is available for easy handling in everyday life. The backpack also features a large pocket and many small pockets.

The backpack can be easily closed by a zipper with large loops. The zipper also can be secured by a lock (not included). The large grab straps make it easy to pick up and move when needed, and reflective tape along the bottom helps to provide visibility.

Logos and other artwork can be added for orders of 20 or more. 

To learn more about the Rolko Backpack, click here.



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