Product Spotlight: Thermo Wear for Wheelchair Users
Keep warm during the colder months

Fall and winter will be here before we know it. Now is the time to start thinking about what you or your customers may need during the chilly fall and winter months. 

Rolko’s body warmers are a must-have for wheelchair users who want to get outside when the temperatures turn colder. 

Rolko’s body warmers are made of a water-repellent outer material, making it ideal for both cold and rainy weather. The lint-free, polar-fleece lining provides a comforting soft feel while providing much-needed warmth. 

 What’s more, the body warmers have a reflective strip on the outside so wheelchair users can be more easily seen in the dark. The body warmers also have a non-slip underside, providing more safety during the use.

The body warmers are also available in children’s sizes. The warmers are suitable for harness systems common on children's wheelchairs.

In addition to the body warmer, Rolko also makes a thermal apron with a water-repellent outer fabric. The apron provides full-coverage protection for a wheelchair user’s legs during wet and cold conditions. Just like the body warmer, the thermal apron has a lint-free polar-fleece interior and a reflective strip on the outside. The apron easily attaches to the wheelchair frame using bands and snaps. 

Both the body warmer and thermal apron are suitable for scooters and wheelchairs. 

To learn more about these products, click here.

Body Warmer for Wheelchairs

Wheelchair Apron

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