Product Spotlight: Rolko-AIRpad
Premium Air-seat Cushion

If you want a solution for seating comfort, look no further than the Rolko-AIRpad. You can use the versatile, comfortable Rolko-AIRpad cushion in a wheelchair and in many other seating situations. The cushion relieves the gluteal muscles so you can sit without pain and pressure points. 

The Airpad includes a self-inflating air chamber and visco-elastic foam. By means of the valve, the air in the Rolko-AIRpad can be individually filled and regulated to ergonomically distribute the user’s weight (up to 330 pounds).

The Rolko-AIRpad was originally created to help with Decubitus ulcers and prophylaxis, well-known problems in care. 

The air cushion covers come with a zipper so you can change and wash the standard cover. For even more protection, the waterproof incontinence cover is ideal for the Rolko-AIRpad.

To view our selection of AIRpads, click here.

Rolko AIRpad
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