About Ability Products 

The Ability Products team wants to ensure wheelchair users have the quality, reliable parts and accessories that they want, need, and deserve.  

When looking for a manufacturer and supplier, Ability Products turned to one of the leaders in the industry, Rolko. Ability Products is the exclusive North American distributor for the German-based company. We work with dealers of all sizes to ensure they have the products that they need when they need them. We want dealers to be able to provide their customers with not only the best parts and accessories but the best service, as well.

Ability Products is located in Bloomfield, Iowa, just north of the Missouri border. Our Midwest location and work ethic mean you can be assured your products will arrive on time and without issue. 


Ability Products office and warehouse

Meet the Ability Products Team

Torsten Elkemeier headshot

Torsten Eikemeier, CEO
641.351.6400 (office)

Derek Etjen, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
319.610.2627 (cell) | 641.351.6400 (office) 

Chris Ball headshot

Chris Ball, COO
641.351.6400 (office)